DJ Vlad Reverses Course Following Criticism for Attempting to Get Black Professor Fired

Written by on May 7, 2024

DJ Vlad
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*DJ Vlad asserts that he harbored no malicious intent when he sought to have a Black woman terminated from her position at Princeton over the weekend.

As we reported earlier, it all started over Vald’s criticism of Kendrick Lamar’s latest Drake diss, “Not Like Us.” On X (formally Twitter), he wrote, “Kendrick’s ‘Not Like Us’ needed a better mix. It takes away from the song.” 

As Ice Cream Convos reports, Morgan Jerkins, a Princeton professor and the niece of music producer Rodney Jerkins, responded to Vlad, writing, “You are WHITE. This is a BLACK FOLK AFFAIR.”

Vlad responded: Wait, so a professor at @Princeton is telling me that a white person shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion about Hip-Hop?  Is that how you interact with your students?

Morgan replied, “What I’m saying is that you put your opinion in a discussion that’s not needed. This conversation is and should center on Black people, not you. And by the way, my students have more cultural competency than you. They actually know how to read the room.”

That’s when DJ Vlad vowed to contact the university to report Morgan for hurting his feelings and proceeded to tag Princeton in numerous posts directed at the professor. 

His postings on X elicited criticism from numerous app users. Although he initially hinted at lodging a formal complaint with the university, on Monday (May 6), DJ Vlad appeared to reconsider his stance.

“Since it’s Monday, let me clear the air and state that I never had any intention of filing a complaint to Princeton for former professor Morgan Jerkins saying that white people aren’t allowed to comment on Kendrick Lamar’s music,” he wrote on X. “She trolled me and I trolled back. At the end of the day, it created an interesting discussion about race relations in America. I will be discussing it further in my future interviews.”

DJ Vlad
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Morgan responded to his tweet, writing, “A lie. He tagged my employer multiple times with the intention to professionally harm me. I didn’t troll. I centered Black people in a discussion on hip-hop and told him to stand down bc it’s not his space.”

She added, “You tried to get violent and you realized how many people were in my corner.”

She also claims Vlad continues to harass her by trying to contact her family.

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