Lawd! Bare-Butt Beyoncé Models ‘Stunning’ Gray Chaps on Instagram | LOOK

Written by on May 7, 2024

Bare-Butt Beyoncé Models 'Stunning' Gray Chaps on Instagram
Beyonce / Instagram

*As Bare-Butt Beyonce’s cowgirl era continues We say that ’cause she rocked all-gray chaps in snaps shared on Instagram — see the post below. 

Per Harper’s Bazaar:  “Beyoncé’s monochromatic look included a stone-gray bodysuit, which she layered under a fluffy fur coat and matching infinity scarf from Chloé. She kept the lighter color scheme consistent up top, where she accessorized with a smoky-toned cowboy hat and large silver hoop earrings. Also, she added a pair of round sunglasses, Alexander McQueen rings, and black boots to complete the look.”

One of Bey’s Renaissance dancers, Honey. Balenciaga, shared the photos on IG along with the caption: “MY GIRL POSE IS NASTYYYY 🫦🫦😍” In the comments, Khloe Kardashian wrote, “Damn! Damn! Damn!!! Stunning.”

Rapper Shawnna added, “Them chaps is CHAPPING!!” But one critic noted, “Can we get something new I’m tired of seeing you half-naked in cowgirl cosplay.”

Check out the IG post below for the bare-butt pic and more.

Of course, this new look comes a few weeks after Bey dropped her latest creation ‘Cowboy Carter’ — which took the music world by storm, and has been performing very well on all forms of media it seems.

In case you’re wondering, it peaked at #1, was #2 last week, and is currently sitting at #3 — so by every measure, an absolute success. Plus, as TMZ notes, we’re getting more Beyoncé music, plus more looks … a win-win.

So, are you here for Bare-Butt Beyonce’s sexy chaps or not? Sound off in the comments.

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