Viral Clip Shows Pastor Keion Henderson Silencing ‘Loud’ Church Member | Watch

Written by on May 7, 2024

Shaunie O’Neal and Keion Henderson - Pastor Keion's Instagram
Pastor Keion Henderson and wife Shaunie O’Neal – via Pastor Keion’s Instagram

*A video of Houston Pastor Keion Henderson has sparked debate online about the proper way to worship in church. 

As Baller Alert reports, during a recent service, Pastor Henderson led a prayer followed by a song. As he sang, a woman in the choir shouted, almost drowning out his voice. Henderson briefly stopped singing, snapped his fingers at the woman, and told her to “shh” before continuing the worship song.

“Silence in the name of Jesus,” Henderson said. Watch the moment via the Instagram clip below. 

In the comments of The Shade Room’s post of the clip, the reactions were mixed, with one person writing, “No he wasn’t wrong because back in the day when a person started shouting they were ushered out of the sanctuary.”

Another commented, “Silence in the name or Jesus” is how Im shutting folks down all the rest of 2024.”

A third person added, “I’ve been a member for over a year now and she does this every single Sunday, and gets louder each week. I’m surprised no one has said anything before today.”

Reality TV veteran Tami Roman wrote, “The Holy Spirit can’t be silenced. He felt something off & shut down.”

Pete Rock also contributed to the debate, writing, “he was very respectful stop making a big thing out of nothing. he just told her to be still on gods time .”

Actor Isiah Washington commented, “This is why I left the Black Church 47 years ago. Just too much Negro Ego trying to control everyone else in the congregation, but themselves.”

Do you think the pastor’s reaction to the woman was disrespectful? Sound off in the comments.

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