Brian McKnight’s Estranged Son Criticizes Tyrese’s Involvement in Family Drama

Written by on May 8, 2024

Brian McKnight flanked by his sons Niko (L) and BJ (R) at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in California on Nov. 29, 2009
Brian McKnight flanked by his sons Niko (L) and BJ (R) at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in California on Nov. 29, 2009 | Photo: Getty Images

*Brian McKnight’s estranged son Niko slammed Tyrese Gibson for involving himself in the latest McKnight family drama.

As we reported earlier … McKnight’s son is airing the singer’s dirty laundry after he called his children “products of sin.”

The R&B crooner shares sons Brian Jr. and Nikolas “Niko” McKnight with ex-wife Julie McKnight and daughter Briana with ex Patricia Driver.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Tyrese defended McKnight after fans slammed the R&B crooner for publicly shaming his children. 

Tyrese said, “I do not know what that man and that woman or his kids or anything about anything…it is not fair to act as if relationships between men and their children can’t fall apart.”

Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight at the Lili Claire Foundation 6th Annual Benefit, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA 10-18-03 / Depositphotos

Niko clapped back by sharing the infamous meme of Tyrese along with the caption: “Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid. I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything but you should sit this one out champ. You have relationships to fix with your own children and your own past decisions you’ve made on behalf of p*ssy and power.”

Per The Jasmine Brand, the post continued, “The allegiance to those two things is what keeps you guys from seeing that the only thing that matters in the end is family. Real men can see past the bullsh*t. Let me stop though. This 46-hr chemo infusion has me ready to fade Jody. That’s not right. Peace and Prosperity.”

Niko previously clapped back at his father in the comments of The Shade Room’s post about McKnight’s estrangement from his kids. In his remarks, Ace Showbiz reports that Niko subtly referenced his father’s infidelity while he was in a relationship with a woman named Lisa

“I’m evil???? That’s wild. The guy who used to make me clean his used c*ndoms out his bathroom at 15 before Lisa got home is calling me evil. Fashoooooo,” Niko wrote.

In a separate comment, he added, “the guy who forged sigs [sic] on our names is calling us evil fashoooooooo.”

Meanwhile, as SandraRose reports, McKnight previously demanded that “his daughter reveal her sexual history under oath in a defamation lawsuit,” the outlet writes, and accused her of sleeping with her cousin. McKnight also refused to help Niko amid his cancer battle.

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