Tiffany Haddish’s Lust for ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Fizzles After Meeting ‘Awkward’ Actor

Written by on May 8, 2024

Tiffany Haddish reveals crush on Henry Cavil
Tiffany Haddish (Getty) and Henry Cavill (Depositphotos)

*Tiffany Haddish once had a major crush on actor Hollywood hunk Henry Cavill and wanted to have sex with him — until she met him, and they allegedly had an awkward exchange 

“I used to really want Henry Cavill. I think he’s so hot. But I met him, and he was so awkward. It was like, ‘This would be weird,’” Haddish told the Los Angeles Times.

“Or, maybe he’s just never had a black woman be like, ‘What’s up? What’s your credit score? Do you like spaghetti? I’ll cook for you. Are you afraid of South Central or not?’ But he’s still beautiful,” she continued.

As Page Six reports, Haddish theorized that the “Superman” star, an avid video game player, would “be more comfortable” talking about playing “Dungeons and Dragons.”

Meanwhile, the standup comedian recently elaborated on her decision to embrace celibacy, People reports. 

Tiffany Haddish - Instagram
Tiffany Haddish – Instagram

During her appearance on the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast, Haddish said she has been celibate for the past several months.

“I’m not being penetrated, that’s for sure. No penetration,” she said. 

According to People, Haddish started practicing celibacy in October 2023.

“I just feel like, dang, I am the prize and these dudes gotta qualify. When I think about my track record of like who I lay down with it, it takes like a year or so for me to even warm up,” she explained. 

“I mean, I love going to free dinners. I’ll go on free dinner dates, I mean, not free dinner dates, but like, yeah, it’s free for me. But it do cost me money to get, you know, cute and stuff and the gas in the car,” Haddish continued. 

The “Girls Trip” star said she releases her sexual frustrations through regular exercise. 

“What I’ve learned is when you’re like laying down with people that’s not really as ambitious as you are or comfortable in their skin or confident with who they are, or even just not even necessarily confident, just know who they are, it becomes a problem,” Haddish continued.

“I think when you lay down with somebody, you are sharing your soul. You are sharing a piece of yourself, you’re giving a little piece of yourself up,” she added. “I only got so much soul left and I don’t wanna necessarily just give it over to anybody.”

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