Tyrese Gibson Admits to Continued Fear of Ex Amid Legal Woes

Written by on May 9, 2024

Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson (Instagram)

Tyrese Gibson claims he is still living in fear of his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell due to their ongoing legal dispute.

“Just to name a few….Still living in fear of my ex [ Norma ] and what new vile sh-t she’s going to once again say or accuse me of in response to my 167 pages filed in the courts [ link in bio ],” the wrote on social media, The Blast reports. 

Last month, Tyrese said he filed court documents against Norma, claiming that he was tired of “living in fear” while she slandered his name. 

“I’m finally addressing because I have to… I’ve read your comments, so here’s my response… The days of me suffering in silence and living in fear are over…. 167 pages filed in the Los Angeles courthouse 111 Hill Street,” he wrote on Instagram. 

The “Fast & Furious” star said he’s still experiencing emotional distress related to his issues with Norma.

His latest lengthy Instagram reads, in part: “I’m officially there drained, out of it and no one to turn to….. I am a believer in God but I am discouraged and feel like I’ve hit a wall.. I’m in a bad place… I’m always there for everyone on ALL fronts I’ve hit a wall and I really don’t know what to do Jesus I need you now more than ever.”

Tyrese goes on to lament that his divorce from his other ex-wife, Samantha, is still not finalized.

“This BEAUTIFUL PAIN album has drained me emotionally and financially [ being independent really really $UCKS UNTIL you win ] and get real returns this is the BIGGEST undertaking of my entire life,” Gibson continued. 

“The WGA and SAG strike delayed at least 5 movies I was supposed to shoot they are all pushed to 2025 yikes!” he added. 

“The Home Depot lawsuit is still going they are so f*cking lame and their lack of accountability is unbelievable…. But I refuse to cave to racism,” Gibson wrote. 

“I’m in a dark place, and I hope and pray [prayer hands emoji] I don’t stay in this place for long,” Tyrese lamented in the IG video’s overlay text.

Norma and Tyrese tied the knot from 2007 to 2009. However, on Tuesday (May 7), Norma took legal action by filing a lawsuit against the actor. The complaint alleges that Gibson defamed her and shared private details about their 16-year-old daughter Shayla on Instagram, PEOPLE reports.

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