Frustrated Bride Criticizes Wedding Guest for Adding Children to RSVP

Written by on May 10, 2024

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*A bride took to social media to share her frustrations over a guest bringing her children to the wedding without asking.

“Anyone else deal with ridiculous RSVPs? I guess I should have been more clear but for a back story, this is a family friend on my fiancé’s side,” she captioned a Facebook post, the New York Post reports. 

When the family friend accepted the wedding invite, she increased her allotted four seats to “4 + baby” on the form and noted dietary restrictions. 

“Don’t worry about [my husband] with his celiac disease. He’ll eat before the wedding — and baby will eat from my plate,” they wrote. 

The bride wrote in the Facebook group, “She has kids from three different men including her current husband. So I asked her how many she thinks are coming and she told me four — including her one-year-old baby.”

Credit: Depositphotos

The bride’s frustrations escalated when the woman included an additional guest on the RSVP invitation.

“She included her husband’s child from a previous relationship and like I don’t even know her husband well enough to have HIS child from someone else come,” the bride wrote. 

“She never told me that the child was coming with them. I’m just annoyed,” she continued. 

“Nothing I can do now,” the bride added.

While some Facebook group members supported the bride, others supported the family friend.

“Yikes, if you invite the family then you invite the whole family. If you didn’t want kids there, you should have said so,” one person wrote, per The Post.

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