Craig David Reveals Creativity High With Two-Year Celibacy

Written by on May 11, 2024

Craig David - screenshot
Craig David – screenshot

*Craig David is two years celibate. And a better man for it creatively.

Referencing Page Six, LoveBScott reports the “Fill Me In” entertainer dropped the bombshell during a recent appearance on the “The TMZ Podcast.” According to David, his celibate status has been active for the last two years, with him reaching his creative peak as an artist.

“When I did the first album, ‘Born to Do It,’ I was 17-years-old. So these were all aspirations,” said the 42-year-old British vocalist.

David’s celibacy stems from him opting to “park” his sexual appetite so he could explore what his life would be like without the added pressure of being physical with any partners.

Although celibacy was not the intent, David considered it a welcome bonus in improving his work status. The result. A full recharge for his creative side.

Craig David - screenshot
Craig David – screenshot

“In a funny way, as much as I was like, ‘Wow,’ to myself for a moment, it just felt that creativity has been on a hundred, on a max for those two years,” he explained.

David’s celibate mind state comes more than a week after his scheduled appearance to perform at Usher’s Lovers & Friends festival on May 4. Despite a star-packed lineup (Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, and Nas, among many others), promoters canceled the annual event less than 15 hours before it started, “due to dangerous weather predicted.” The “dangerous weather” mentioned was a high wind warning issued by the National Weather Service.

Lovers & Friends may have been a no-go, but fans can catch David on the road with stops on deck for his “7 Days” tour. The outing is set to wrap up in February 2025 in London.

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