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Written by on May 13, 2024

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*Babes shines a light on best friends and motherhood life!

If a woman has ever had a best friend that feels like a sister, she will surely relate to this film. A new outrageously funny comedy starring Michelle Buteau (Eden), and comedian Ilana Glazer (Dawn),will make women feel seen. Two childhood best friends are navigating two stages in their lives. Dawn is a pregnant mother of a toddler and a dentist who’s settled down in life with her husband. Her sister-friend Eden, on the other hand, is a single, carefree spirit and teaches yoga from her apartment. Eden meets a seemingly perfect man that appears to be her match made in heaven. A one-night stand with the perfect guy leaves her pregnant and needing answers. Eden now has to navigate motherhood without a baby’s father, and hopefully with her bestie, Dawn.

EURs Robin Ayers sat down with the two to discuss some of the laughable moments in Babes such as period sex, hair plugs, breast milk, best friends and motherhood life. Glazer and her writing partners and producers Josh Rabinowitz and Susie Fox came up with these ideas.

“Susie had a vision for me and a best friend who has kids already, and then I get knocked up,” she shared when asked if these were real-life experiences or if they stemmed from a creative imagination. “We threw all of our ideas into a bucket, just everything we could think of.” The thing that really “stuck,” for Glazer was “the way that friendships change” during pregnancy.

Buteau feels similarly. Community is an important nugget she wants the audience to take away from this film.

“If you are in a partnership and you do try to show up and be everything for your partner, that is wonderful,” she said. “But sometimes, your partner’s best friend just gets them in a way that you can’t.”

Watch the full interview above.


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